January 2024 | Volume 36

1. Hi Britt! Please introduce yourself to those who might not know you. 
Hi! I am the guitarist in the all-female Platinum-selling band Vixen, and the Musical Director of Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp.

2. You played at Gritty’s first ever All GRL Jam back in 2020. How did your connection with Shira and Gritty In Pink come about? 
I met Shira when I was living in Brooklyn, NY, in 2011 and was performing in Chix6 the Musical. After we met, I started playing guitar and jamming with her in her band Shiragirl. I moved to LA a year after Shira did, and she let me crash on her couch and get my feet wet in LA before officially moving out. She has always been one of my best and longest friends. I am so proud of everything she has accomplished and can’t wait to see what else she does in this new year!

3. What's it like to be a part of the effort to create a supportive community for a set of diverse womxn in the music industry?
I love being involved in a community that empowers women in music. I fully support the efforts of Gritty and do what I can to bring more women into my work with Rock Camp. In 2022, I created the Women’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, which featured Nancy Wilson (Heart), Melissa Etheridge, Wynonna Judd, Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Kathy Valentine (The Go-Go’s), Vicki Peterson (The Bangles), Orianthi, and more. Inspiring female musicians is a passion for me, especially by playing with such a powerful group of women rockers in Vixen, who, in turn, inspired me when I started playing the guitar.

4. You’re being honored at The WIMN’s annual She Rocks Awards.  What does it mean to you to be honored by your peers and fellow women in music? 
It’s such a big honor to be included amongst all the incredible women affiliated with She Rocks. It makes me want to work even harder to make even more of an impact in new ways in the future. 

5. Can you speak on being a Musical Director for the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. What’s it like taking on that role while being in your band and touring?
I love being the Musical Director for Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp. While there is a lot of work involved, it never feels like work to me because I enjoy every aspect of it. Making a difference in the lives of the campers and witnessing their growth is incredibly fulfilling. I handle much of the planning for the camps remotely and through Zoom, allowing me to accomplish tasks even while on the road with Vixen. In the life of a touring musician, much time is spent traveling with downtime in buses or airports. I prefer to keep my mind active and stay busy, so I find joy in working hard on Rock Camp in between shows.

6. Being a member of the band Vixen, how does it feel to join a group that has been active since the 80s? Have you acquired any valuable advice from your fellow bandmates over time?
It's a big honor to play with the talented and strong women in Vixen. Playing Jan’s parts comes with big shoes to fill, and I take it very seriously. At the time Vixen broke in the 80s, they were one of the few pioneering rock bands that featured all women. Everyone in the band has a lot of musical as well as life experiences. When you spend hours traveling together in a small group, you get to share lots of stories and perspectives. As the youngest member of the band, I have learned many life lessons from these fierce and independent women I look up to and am grateful to have them in my life as my sisters.

7. Saw on your Instagram that you’re a Whiskey enthusiast, what’s your go-to brand or flavor? Would you ever start your own Whiskey brand? 
I sure love whiskey, and I would love to start my own whiskey brand someday! My go-to is Maker’s 46, which is on the band rider, and I also like Jefferson’s Ocean. Recently, I tried Good Deeds whiskey and Counts Kustoms’ Sin City, both of which I have been enjoying.

8. Who are your musical influences that have shaped your style and sound?
I picked up the guitar because of Eddie Van Halen, but I was also very inspired by Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Kirk Hammet, George Lynch, Lita Ford, and of course, Vixen!

9. If you could play or go on tour with any artist, who would it be? 
Van Halen, Metallica, Motley Crue or Guns n’ Roses! 

10. What music genre would people be surprised that you like?
I love all jazz and love listening to Sinatra and Rat Pack stuff.

11. What is your favorite comfort show or movie to watch?
 Breakfast at Tiffanys and My Cousin Vinny.

12. What’s next? 
Lots more touring and new music with Vixen, a lot more Rock Camps hopefully, in new countries, and more songwriting. On a personal level, I will always be traveling, creating art, pursuing photography and new adventures, and maybe even my own whiskey brand, as you mentioned!