SEPTEMBER 2023 | Volume 32

1. Hi Shira! Please introduce yourself to those who might not know you. 
Hi, I’m Shira, I’m an artist, activist, frontwoman of my band Shiragirl, and Founder/CEO of Gritty In Pink.

2. Happy (early) Birthday, Shira! Another year around the sun – what’s one thing you learned about yourself within this last year?
Thank you so much! I learned that I need to take breaks, put my physical and mental health first,  and strive to achieve work-life balance. I go hard, and burnout is real. Sometimes I need to give myself grace, rather than push myself harder.  

3. You recently performed at the FairWell Festival. What was it like performing at such a major among music icons like Sheryl Crow, and Willie Nelson?  Any favorite onstage moment/song you performed there?
Performing at the festival was an honor and so fun, it was the first time we took all GRL jam to a  fest. I loved closing it out with “All I Wanna Do” and jumping on the barricade, having the crowd sing along. 

4. Speaking of Sheryl Crow, you met her at FairWell. What was it like meeting her?
Meeting Sheryl Crow after her incredible show was a dream. She was so nice and supportive and seemed genuinely interested in being part of our Gritty In Pink movement. So hopefully more to come there!

5.One artist you would like to do an INPINK collaboration with?
PINK! She’s always been my #1. We share a birthday too, on Sept 8.

6. Your band Shiragirl released “Rights Back Right Now” on the one-year anniversary of Roe v Wade being overturned.  What was it like creating such an impactful song? What do you think is the next phase for reproductive rights in the US? 
That song was a year in the making, after we did our emergency protest concert last year, I was very inspired to write the lyrics. It was great to collaborate with Constance Antoinette, Lenny J, and of course my longtime drummer/co-writer Raine Palladino. I hope in the next phase for reproductive rights, we will see more people fighting back for both women’s rights and human rights, across the country and across the political spectrum. I strongly believe people need to talk more across party lines and engage with people who might have different views than them. So many times our political views are prescribed, based on a two-party system, but beliefs are more nuanced than that. Perhaps, with more talking, we could gain more understanding of each other.
7. Gritty In Pink co-branded its first festival stage with Live Nation Women at the Mind The Gap Fest. What’s it like seeing the Gritty platform continue to grow in such a short amount of time?
Watching Gritty grow with the support of Live Nation Women has been magical. I’m very grateful for all the progress we’ve made – and yet, as a CEO it always feels like we have so much farther to go. Our vision is big, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I am most thankful for our awesome team behind the scenes, helping make it all happen!

8. You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you don’t take “No” as an answer. How did you build confidence and security within yourself to not let rejection deter you from your goals? 
I think it stems from me being a kid, I’m told I was very bossy and strong-willed. Also, my parents are very good negotiators, I learned a lot from them! As I get older, I actually have to work to maintain that level of confidence, because I think as you grow up, you become more vulnerable and affected by rejection, because the stakes are higher –  at least for me. I know others who have worked to gain more confidence as they grow.

9. Where do you see Gritty In Pink in 10 years?
I see Gritty growing, with the INPINK platform, becoming a global destination to hire women. Would also love to see more events, and maybe even a music festival.

10.What advice do you have for female tech and music entrepreneurs?
Find your tribe – I’ve been lucky enough to connect with an amazing community of female entrepreneurs, I’m in a few mastermind groups, and it’s been very helpful and supportive.

11.  If you weren’t in your current profession, what would you be doing?  
Ha, that is a great question, that I’m not sure I have the answer to. I do feel like I’m living my purpose. I always say in my next life I’ll be a standup comedian! But really, anything to champion women is up my alley. 

12.  What music genre would people be surprised that you like?
EDM. I was actually a huge raver in college, with the candy beads and everything! People see me as this punk rock girl… so I think they would be surprised.

13. Your favorite comfort show or movie to watch?  
Sex and the City, and yes I’m enjoying the reboot And Just Like That! Fav comfort movies are Annie (the 80s musical), and Dirty Dancing.

14. What’s your most controversial pop culture opinion?
Certain artists that I find overrated, from Journey to Adele. (People really get up in arms over Adele…)

15.  Final thoughts?
I want to shout out our PR/Social manager Aalaysia, she’s the best! She works so hard to keep Gritty on track, and I’m forever grateful. Thank you again to my whole team. It really does take a village!