JULY 2022 | Volume 18

How did you get involved with Gritty In Pink? 
"I got involved with Gritty In Pink through my friendship with Shiragirl. She's always been such a hard working badass championing women in our scene, so naturally when she put Gritty together, I had to get involved."
What got you into music? How did you know you wanted to pursue music professionally? 
"What got me into music was a collection of things, but funny enough it all started with Titanic. It was my favorite movie as a toddler and the song, My Heart Will Go On was something I would play by ear on my toy keyboard, which is what prompted my parents to ask if I'd like piano lessons. Over the years I've messed around with many instruments, but fell in love with the bass most. I knew I wanted to pursue music professionally as a teenager and I remember deciding whether or not I would be attending college and having a serious talk with my parents that there wasn't anything I could see myself doing other than music and that this was the time to make it happen. I'm very grateful I had their support and I haven't looked back since!" 
What is it like being the lead singer & bassist of your band Vigil Of War, along with being the bassist for DragonForce? How do you find balance being a part of two groups? 
"I actually find the balance really rewarding as I get two very different outlets in each band! With Vigil Of War I get to creatively plan every aspect, book our own shows, write and of course front the project, whereas with DragonForce I can show up and rock out, not having to exactly stress about every single detail of what's going on. Although I absolutely love having my own creative outlet in VOW, sometimes the pressure of self managing your own band can be a bit overwhelming, so having the balance to still play and have a great time in DragonForce has been a wonderful experience."
People know you for being a rock star, is there a genre of music you would like to venture off into? 
"I've definitely ventured more into the rock and metal genres in the present and past, but not many people realize a huge influence musically for me would be new wave. I definitely am wanting to tap into that side of music much sooner than later. I may have some things up my sleeve already!" 
Who are some of your favorite female artists at the moment? 
"Some of my favorite female artists at the moment would vary from Eliot Sumner, Lily Allen, Lizzo, Taylor Momsen, Brody Dalle, Cyn and Meg Myers."
Who/what are your inspirations lyrically and musically?
"Musically I tend to pull from a mixture of all my influences from punk, new wave, classic rock, melodic metal and pop. Lyrically I tend to pull influence from my own life experience. I try to send a message of strength, hope and perseverance."
What does a day in the life of Alicia look like?
"A day in the life is filled to the brim somehow. There is no sitting around - I'm either working on the band, hustling to earn money FOR the band or visiting friends and family. I've never been one to have a day with nothing going on as I'd drive myself mad. My dad always taught me my work ethic and said if you can accomplish even one thing a day to further you to where you want to be, then that's productive!" 
Do you have a dream collaboration, dream concert lineup, and/or dream place to perform?
"One of the main bands that made me want to play in a band was My Chemical Romance. I remember watching them in awe at 10 years old and begging for a guitar shortly after. If I ever had the chance to share the stage with them, it would definitely be a dream come true. My dream venue to play would be at Red Rocks!" 
If you were any drink or food, what would you be and why?
"I would be a caramel iced latte because I've got a lot of flavor to my personality. I am strong but also sweet."  
Do you have any fashion inspirations?
"I think I naturally find new inspiration for fashion all the time. I like maintaining a certain style, but mixing it up ever so slightly to keep it interesting. For those who haven't noticed, I am big on hats, so I'm constantly looking for new hats to complete my wardrobe."  
Favorite TV show(s)?
"The Office and Freaks And Geeks would be two of my main favorite TV shows over the last decade +. I laugh just as hard today as I did the first time I saw it, which is a sign to a great show."  
If someone was about to listen to your music for the first time, how would you describe it to them before they press play?
"I don't think I would. I quite enjoy letting someone hear and feel what comes natural to them and I wouldn't want to taint their perception of what they think in any way. We have a mixture of sounds, so it's always interesting to see what people pick up on." 
How can people continue to support women and other marginalized voices in music?
"The two biggest ways people have supported our band has been by simply sharing our music to friends, family, online, etc and buying merch. It may not seem like much, but these two actions do wonders for independent artists! With an influx of amazing women in our scene, we are already breaking the mold to an all male industry. I love to see it!! We must help raise each other up and rise together. Gritty In Pink does an amazing job at creating a community just like this and I'm proud to be a part of it!"