JULY 2021 | Volume 6

How did you get involved with Gritty In Pink?
"I met Gritty in Pink through Cheyenne/Bodaciousthang,"
When did you start your music journey?
"I started my musical journey 5 years ago!"
What was the moment for you, that you knew this is what you wanted to do as a career?
"I knew from the age of 4 or 5 years old that I wanted nothing more than to be a singer on T.V like Tina Turner."
As a musician, actress, model and executive producer how do you juggle everything?
"It's pretty simple, because black and brown Trans women get opportunities but nothing compared to those of our cis counterparts. When I’m writing and recording it comes first. My role as an actress is not as demanding. I have people that want me to audition. I read a few lines, memorize them, and execute them as naturally as possible, always remembering to have fun. I've done a few modeling gigs here and there just to shake up the industry as a black, above average size woman and challenge the systems that prevent women like me from being successful in the industry. Putting on a hat as a director and/or executive producer is just a passion project that keeps my creative juices flowing."
Do you have your limits or do you push yourself as a creative?
"I have my limits. I know when I can't start and finish projects to the best of my ability without getting overly stressed or burned out, it's important to get plenty of rest, but it's also okay to push yourself cause as you're resting someone else is recharged and ready to conquer the world. Everything in moderation including moderation."
The first concert you went to?
"The first concert I went to was Cyndi Lauper’s home for the holidays and I watched Justin Tranter and Cyndi Lauper perform for the first time."
What’s your ideal day?

"My ideal day is resting in bed, No social media, no emails, no phone calls. Laying with a sexy man that can't keep his hands off me, breakfast in bed followed by a hot bath and a massage." 
First album you ever owned?
"The first Album I owned was Boyz II Men."
Who is your style icon and why?
"My style icon is a mixture of Alok Menon, Cardi B and Billy Porter. All of their looks are gorgeous, thought provoking and intentional, making political statements and slaying with a label or two."
Who are your musical inspirations?
"My musical inspirations are so plentiful. My Mother, aunts, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, James Brown, Nina Simone, Shirley Caesar, Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, Nina Simone, Beyonce, Toni Braxton, Elvis, Dolly Parton, Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince... just to name a few."
Where do you see yourself in five years?  
"In five years I see myself out of an apartment and into my own home, Grammy nominated, with my own show."
The music video for your new song “SMILE” is out now, how was it collaborating with director Devyn Galindo to see your vision come alive?
"It's always an amazing experience working with Devyn, they actually listen to your ideas and you feel in control of the vision. Devyn was so brilliant in the “Don’t Shoot” video, when asked who I wanted to do the “Smile” video it was a no brainer. The entire cast is always talented and magical, one thing you can’t have enough of is queer magic."
Do you have a dream producer or artist you would like to work with in the future?
"I want to work with LilNas, Lizzo and Cardi B. As far as producers go I'd love to work with Se.oh.  He did Jake Wesley Rogers’ video which is literally a masterpiece."
Favorite TV Show?  
“My favorite show right now is HBO’s "We’re Here” for obvious reasons. Besides it being one of the most necessary shows of our time, the creators of the show as well as the stars are close personal friends of mine that are just as incredible as they are talented. Then there's the fact of me actually getting the opportunity to write the theme song to the show!”
One word to describe yourself?
As an LGBTQ+ artist and Trans woman, what challenges have you faced within the industry?
“Not too many industries are comfortable working with talented Trans people. The keepers of the gate either want to fetishize over the human body or possess it. It's a very sexually charged industry and there are layers of racism on the surface. When Seeking empowerment, there is definitely a lot of pushing and pulling that goes on behind the scenes. Constant demanding respect, equal opportunities, equal pay and visibility."
What actions have you taken to make the music industry better for LGBTQ+ artists?
“Sometimes it's the little things, like adding folks to your playlist, shout outs, gig referrals and live broadcasts that bring awareness to them and their art.”
One thing you learned about yourself during quarantine?
“I learned that I like being alone more than I thought!”
If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
"If I could be an animal I would be a bird, so I can shit on all the people that shit on me, just kidding! I think I would be a Unicorn! Mythical and magical in every way. So much so that people think you are too good to be true or that you don’t exist."
What’s next for you? Any upcoming new singles or projects?
"I have a few things coming up, some of which will be unfolding in a couple of days, other things have been put into the universe and about to come to fruition."

--It’s pronounced She-uh Diamond anything else is violence and Trans erasure!!!!!! And Knowing that is half the battle!!!!