DECEMBER 2022 | Volume 23

1. You released your album “The Self-Titled Love Project” in 2019, can we expect to hear any new solo music from you in the future?
OMG!!! What a sensitive topic. The answer is yes. While my focus has been my band 3BlackKids, I am working on new solo music. It's been hard, I have grown and changed so much as a woman. I have been through so much romantically and spiritually. I’m in the process of finding my new sound and figuring out how to articulate my heart! But it is coming soon! The single “Pussy Power” will be dropping ASAP! So look for that!

2. Your group “3blackkids” is amazing! What is it like in the studio between the three of you? How does it differ from being in a group and being a solo artist when it comes to making music? Do you all collectively come up with a concept or topic to speak about or go with the flow when creating? 
WOW you read my mind! I Love my boys! This band has really allowed me to express my masculine side and it has been amazing. It’s also given me a platform to discuss and express the experience of my community. Our first EP was so therapeutic in flushing out the pain and maladjustment of being black in America and it brought some healing to many of our fans. The music with Ujah and Cardi my bandmates is more hip-hop and alt based. It’s more masculine like I said, or at least more from a masculine view. As both of them are very much in touch with their femme side. We have so many different processes. Sometimes we start building from a story, sometimes Ujah makes a fire beat and we run with it. Sometimes Cardi has a fire hook and we build on that. We are super fluid with it. They are so easy to work with. We have all been doing this a while and been in other bands that were not as functional so this band has been a blessing for all of us!

3. As someone that’s so versatile, how do you continue to be innovative and outside the box with your music?
I never tell myself no! I also do what I feel and shoot straight from the heart. I come from a very color upbringing full of so many cultures and experiences. So many character building ops i like to call them. I let everything come out. I don't censor my voice or my heart!

4. You’ve been on a spiritual journey, tell us one thing you’ve learned about yourself among your new found discoveries?
One thing I have learned about myself and humans in general is that we are infinite everchanging unique beings. We don’t belong in boxes. It’s unfortunate society is always trying to make us choose and check a box, I will most likely wake up a new person next week, with new growth and new ideas, so i let myself be who I am in every moment.

5. Speaking of spiritual journey, you announced that you’re working on a wellness and coaching brand called “Eye.LoveMyself.” At what point in your own journey, did you realize you wanted to help others find their path to self discovery and overcoming obstacles? 
Wow!!!! Yall did all the research!!! Love it!!!! OMG!!! I have known this for over 10 years now, but I had so much healing and growing to do on my own. I am many of my friends therapists so its a natural call for me. Its always been there, but now I feel I am in a good space to share and pour into others with integrity of energy. And it's so exciting! I currently have a group of clients I am so in love with and watching them grow and change is helping me grow and change even more! I’m so grateful for this path! I want to work with more artists! I feel like that will end up being my niche!

6. Outside of being an artist, you also DJ! How would you describe your performance style while DJing? In your opinion, have you noticed what type of music gets the crowd moving? 
I’m an open format fluid dj, I like to dj the way I have sex. In tune and in the moment. I pay attention to what the crowd needs. Find a groove but also keep it spontaneous hee hee. The type of music depends on the crowd but at the end of the day everybody just wants to dance. And there are so many ways to get that done. I personally love to mix Hip-Hop and Rock in my sets.

7. Are you able to adapt to different music tastes outside of your own while DJing? Is there a certain genre you would like to DJ, that you haven’t? 
Oh yes I love EVERYTHING, so I adapt very easily. I can usually find a point of entry with all crowds. And even if I don't have something someone wants to hear I can find something comparable that will get the job done and put them in a good space. I always want to keep the vibration high. That’s my main intention.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Touring the world with some babies on my hips! Performing, playing for huge audiences and healing people through music and spiritual practice! 

9. What’s one thing you want people to remember you for? 
My kindness and sincerity they say.

10. Who or what motivates you the most? 
The person I want to be and become.

11. If you could go back in time and give advice to your 15 year old self, what would it be?
Jesus! Stop caring what people think so much, I know its easier said than done but stop trying. And don't drink the koolaid.
12. Outside of music, what are your other passions or hobbies? 
I love coaching people and seeing them transform into the highest versions of themselves! Whatever that looks like!

13. How can people continue to support women and other marginalized voices in music?
Don’t wait for us to ask for help. Be proactive and jump in. Give, support, sponsor and pay us for our time!!!

14.  You’ve been featured on Gritty In Pink’s GRL Livestream, and headlined our Pride Month All GRL Jam at The Echo LA. What made you want to roll with Gritty In Pink, and how did you get involved? 
I fucking LOVE women!!! I love women in rock! I love Shira and I respect and admire her work ethic as a business woman and artist. I aspire to be more like her truly. I am super creative, my business sense is an area that can stand some coaching. HA! So I look to Gritty in Pink as setting the bar for women to value themselves and realize this is a business that we deserved to be honored in. We are valuable. We need to set the bar and tone to be respected. This platform provides community which we all need in LA, and it provides a time and space to do what we love at a high level! I am very grateful to be a part!